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Indoor Pet Dog Repeller Mat Electronic Pet Training Shock Mat for Dogs and Cats Safe Flexible and Waterproof Bed Mat

The pet training repellent mat is designed to let the pet fear the unknown stimuli caused by the mat. Once any pet entrance is detected, the mat will immediately release the beep and static shock to stop any further entering with no response delay, thus reaching the training effect of prohibiting the pet from going to a certain place. Besides, gentle static simulation is designed by using low voltage to avoid any skin hurt to your pet. If you fear that the pet training mat might hurt your pet, then the pet shock mat should be the perfectest option for you.

3 Adjustable Shock Levels: With 3 different shock levels, you can easily change the shock levels from low to high manually and choose the proper shock level for your pet.
Easy to Storage: When the mat is used, it is tiled and It can be rolled up and put into the corner when it is not used. It does not occupy too much space of your home.
Self-adaptation Function: Even n the same room, the temperature, dryness and electric ionic status are not the same. This pad has self-adaptation function to ensure work normally in different positions.
Sensitive Conduction Technology: When the pet is stepping on the two wires connecting the positive and negative pole, the control box generates a potential difference and the is gradually boosted to a release, which can training pets but doesn't hurt them.
3 Sizes to Meet Your Demand: There exists 3 difference sizes for your choice. The mat can effectively train the pets to prevent them from jumping on the bed, going out disorderly and rummaging the trash can.
Low Battery Indicator: The mat will warn you with led light indicator when the battery power is low for convenient using.
Any problem, please contact our store without hesitation. Honor to serve you.

Item Name: Pet Training Repellent Mats
Main Material: PVC & Copper
Color: Transparement
Battery: 9V battery * 1 (not included)
Item Size: S: 30 * 16in; M: 48 * 20in; L: 60 * 12in

Package Size: S/M: 30 * 8.5 * 5cm; L: 51 * 8.5 * 5cm
S: 400g; M: 390g: L: 650g
General box packing.

* It takes 60 seconds to formally work after the pad is turned on, .
Please turn off the power before moving the pad, otherwise the alarm function may be triggered.
*This product counts with a delay of 1 to 2 seconds, which may not be triggered when the pet passes quickly.

Package List:
1 * Pet Door 



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